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Full waste management service

Full waste management service


The right waste management service for you

Our work involves the transport, reception, treatment and weighing of waste, as well as compiling related reports for our clients. Thanks to our skilled staff and effective tools, we can offer waste treatment solutions for all businesses and all types of waste. According to our clients’ needs, we can offer all waste management solutions as a full service, or individual treatment solutions for a specific type of waste.


“Waste management operators should be like referees in sports: unnoticed but efficient. The client should always come first. Waste management is a vital service for companies, but I believe it’s important that clients don’t need to worry about it.”
– Tommi Pohjola, Sales Manager


Collection equipment for all waste

We offer collection equipment for different types of waste along with our recycling services. We provide collection bins according to your specific needs on a case-by-case basis. This way, we can make your waste management both cost-efficient and environmentally sustainable.

Renting out collection equipment is a part of our service operation. We empty and retrieve the collection bins according to the agreed schedule  or on demand.

Expert services and training: sorting and recycling

Did you know that your business can achieve significant savings with correct recycling? LHJ Group’s experts have multiple years of experience in environmental management. Working together with you, we can prepare all the necessary instructions and provide detailed training for your staff on how to sort and recycle waste correctly.

Our services include:

Reporting as a part of waste management

With our reporting system, clients receive up-to-date information on waste management operations. With continuous monitoring, we can reduce both waste volume and the costs of the various types of waste in your business. Detailed information on the entire service chain is available in our order and transport management system using RFID technology. Clients can read their data recorded in the system via our extranet. The service includes detailed data on subjects such as waste volume and costs.

With the reporting system, you can:


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