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Data security

Data security


Secure disposal of confidential materials

We ensure that your confidential materials are processed and disposed of securely – and appropriately recycled. We dispose of paper documents, archives, electronic devices and digital data. We also offer appropriate solutions for rejected products, counterfeit products, prototypes, textiles and other solid or liquid materials. Our service selection ranges from small units of a few kilograms to the disposal of large volumes of industrial materials.


“We collect and transport most of our clients’ waste to our treatment plants ourselves. This is why we considered if we could process confidential materials by ourselves, as well. But LHJ Group makes everything so easy and our clients are happy, so why should we do everything ourselves? I also like the way they communicate with clients and partners.”
– Jukka Aro, CEO, Kuljetusrinki Oy


A reliable process

We ensure reliable data security for all our clients’ materials. The security of our collection and transport tools and disposal process is airtight. Our clients receive a disposal certificate and a report for each batch, showing the times of retrieval and disposal, as well as a list of the materials and their weight.

Locked collection bins

Our airtight process chain for each client to the treatment plant starts with a locked collection bin. Our service covers suitable collection equipment, secure transport and a disposal certificate for our clients. With excellent logistics partners, we can arrange collection equipment flexibly in all locations. We can make a schedule for regular retrievals, or the materials can be picked up on demand.

Reports provide reassurance

With LHJ Group’s reporting system, the client receives detailed information about the disposed materials. The electronic system enables easy administration of our clients' accounts, orders, collection times, invoicing and reporting. Our RFID-based fleet management system records every step of the service chain, from collection to disposal. In addition to the disposal certificate, clients will also receive login credentials to the system, allowing them to monitor the collection and treatment process in real-time.

Are you cleaning out your archives?

Whether it is a small or a large archive, our operations can be adapted to your every need. In addition to emptying your paper archives, we also dispose of other confidential materials including electronic devices and digital data. We provide suitable collection equipment, or alternatively, we can collect the material directly from you.

Recycle all the other ‘stuff’ at the same time

While picking up your archives, we can also take care of recycling your unwanted office equipment. You can order a retrieval service for books, folders, waste electrical and electronic equipment, office furniture and other materials to be removed at the same time as we dispose of your unwanted archives.