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Suomen erityisjäte – special waste

Suomen erityisjäte – special waste


A new life for special waste

Do you have waste that need specialised processing? Whether it’s contaminated soil, incinerator bottom ash or hazardous waste, the materials need to be handled, recycled and disposed of responsibly and with high-quality technology. Suomen Erityisjäte Oy offers you state-of-the-art technology and top-class experts. Let’s find the right solution for your company and the environment!

We will process these for you:

Do you need expert assistance for waste treatment or recycling?

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From ash to Scanwas

Do you want to promote sustainable infrastructure construction? Our Scanwas manufactured aggregate is refined from municipal solid waste incineration (MSWI) bottom ash. It’s a viable alternative for natural materials, saving virgin materials and ensuring their availability in the future. All Scanwas materials made of MSWI bottom ash are CE marked.
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“We are constantly working to strengthen competences related to concrete, so the idea of using incinerator bottom ash was a welcome suggestion. Suomen Erityisjäte provides us with CE marked materials made of MSWI bottom ash, which we use in our production, in turn. This way, the bottom ash is reused in our products.”
– Heikki Manner, Sales Manager at Lujabetoni



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